COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy

This page has not yet been updated to reflect BC's Phase 3 COVID restrictions

Updated on April 27, 2022

The March 11 update of BC Public Health Office orders means that in our province there are no longer any capacity restrictions for worship services and masks are no longer required in public indoor settings. Our church has consistently followed PHO guidelines and recommendations and we will continue to do so. Here is an update of our guidelines:

  • There are no capacity limits for our worship services.
  • The yellow tape used to help us with spacing in the sanctuary pews will be removed in most areas. For the next several weeks we will keep a few pews at the back of the church marked off with yellow tape to allow room for those who are more comfortable with defined spacing.
  • Masks are no longer required. People with various levels of risk, comfort, or in spaces where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, may choose to continue to wear a mask.
  • Use hand-sanitizer when entering the building and wash hands frequently.
  • Please stay home if you are not well.
  • Continue to consider physical distancing and respecting others’ space, especially in the fellowship hall after the service.

We know that people will have various levels of comfort during this time of transition. We encourage you to continue to respect each person’s decision to wear a mask or not to wear a mask. We’re grateful for the sacrifices that so many of you have made for the health and well-being of others. We appreciate that, for many, these past 2 years have been exceedingly challenging. We continue to pray and trust in God for continued health, safety and hope as we move into the Summer.

We continue to follow step 3 BCCDC guidance for worship services and all gatherings to reduce the risk of transmission of spreadable illnesses. 

We continue to gather each Sunday for in-person worship.  We are excited that many ministry groups will be resuming this fall.  Thanks be to God!

There is hand sanitizer at each entrance and around the building. We encourage hand hygiene when you enter and leave the building/sanctuary and frequently while you are in the building.

Masks are recommended for anyone over the age of 12 during our worship services and gatherings.  While our church will not require mask wearing, at this time, we are recommending them as an effective way to reduce transmission of illness. 

If you are sick or feeling unwell, or if you have been instructed to self isolate, we ask that you please stay home. 

To allow for spacing in our church we will be using every second pew for seating.  The yellow tape has been added again to indicate benches that are to be left open.  Our church sanctuary seats 350 people, so we have lots of room for everyone!

There is a nursery available with volunteers ready to care for your little ones. 

We are allowed to gather indoors, but we will quite understand if you choose to fellowship outside after the service, while the weather remains nice, or spread out in the hall allowing people space.

Since it is the summer, when Sunday School ordinarily takes a break, we won’t have Sunday School during July and August. But there are worship kits available on the back pew. We plan to resume Sunday School when school starts in the Fall. 
You can continue your online giving or put envelopes in the church mail slot. During the worship service we will announce the offering, but we won’t pass the offering baskets. Instead, you can place your offering in the offering box when you enter or leave the sanctuary. 
For now, we will withhold handshaking (and hugging) during the passing of the peace. This might be a good reminder for everyone regarding physical contact: Always ask if it’s OK to give someone a hug! 

Absolutely! There may be any number of reasons you can’t make it to church. The service will be live streamed on our YouTube channel and available to watch any time. We would encourage you to come to church, if possible, to be together in person to experience the communion of the saints and to be a blessing and encouragement to others by your very presence.

Whether you're joining us online or in the pews, we welcome you!
Lorraine Euverman
COVID Saftey Team
Jodi Braam
COVID Safety Team
Elaine Veldman
COVID Safety Team
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