Next Steps Discernment

Next Steps Discernment

On January 22 at 2 pm and on January 29 at 7 pm, our church will hold listening circles to discuss Synod 2022’s decisions on human sexuality. If you’d like to attend one of these 90-120 minutes sessions, please contact Estelle Lombard, our council chair.

Why are we holding listening circles?

On October 2nd, we watched this video during our morning service outlining the challenges that our denomination is facing. On Oct. 12th our church council sent an email inviting everyone (teenagers too) to sign up for a 90 minute listening circle. Now that we know we have enough interest to run the sessions, we’ve proposed times and dates. Please use this sign-up form to indicate your availability, select all dates and times that work for you.

What is a listening circle?

These 5-8 person, facilitator-led sessions will discuss the decisions of the CRC Synod 2022 regarding the Human Sexuality Report and what they mean for us as a congregation. Our time together will be guided by questions like: “What did you think when you heard about Synod’s decisions?” and “What do you think our church needs to move forward in this next season?”

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