Worship God.

When we think “worship” we often picture Sunday mornings – the time we spend each week singing, praying, celebrating, confessing, listening and giving. But worship is about so much more than church services. In fact, our entire lives center on a relationship with the Creator, Rescuer and Sustainer of the world. Whether we’re driving to work, having lunch with friends, completing a project, doing the dishes, creating art or playing sports, we do all things for the glory of God. What a blessing it is to come together each week to remember that we are not alone. We worship together.

Mirror Christ.

We do what we do because of Christ. When we offer compassion to our neighbours, food for the hungry, a listening ear for the hurting, a warm welcome for newcomers, or care for creation, we reflect the life and love of Jesus. We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s own son who lived a real human existence and paved the way for a right relationship with God. But just as a reflection on a lake is beautiful yet imperfect, so too our efforts to mirror the life of Christ are broken. Sin affects every aspect of creation and it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that God redeems us and invites us to mirror him in making all things new.

Embrace All.

Jesus has time for you and so do we. The Bible is full of stories of Jesus being with the most marginalized members of society. He encouraged the interruptions of children, comforted the lonely, healed the sick, lifted up the poor, welcomed foreigners, and ate dinner with the socially outcast. We seek to follow Jesus’ example and open our doors to everyone. We seek to overcome the categories that often create barriers in our world and embrace all out of the abundance of love that God has poured out on us through his Spirit.