All of the ministries we support through our offerings are charitable and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year from our Deacons. The only exception is the Refugee Committee, which has not yet applied for charitable status. 

Who are our ministry partners?

Every week, our deacons collect an offering for one of our ministry partners. From local to global, we believe that each of these organization is doing amazing work to build God's kingdom! We've listed a few of the organization we support below:

Other ways to give:

Including the online giving button at the top of this page, our church also receives donations through the following methods:

You can send an EMT to the church. Login to your online banking and follow the instructions. Send the transfer to the Deacons at Please specify where you want the money to go (ex. local budget, Sunday offering, or any other cause we support).

You can set-up one-time or recurring donations conveniently from your phone. We recommend giving via a bank account to avoid processing fees associated with credit cards. Choose the current week’s offering from the drop-down menu or select “Terrace CRC Budget” to support our church community’s operations. How to use the Bridge app

Cash or cheques can be deposited into the offering bags circulated during our Sunday services, sent by mail or dropped off in the church mailbox (north side). Please note where the money should go (ex. local budget, Sunday offering, etc.)